I know. 

Missed this day in school?

You'll learn how all the different parts of your investment portfolio should work together properly, like how much money should be in each of your different types of funds. Ignoring this is one of the things that lead some people to losing 50% of their assets in the financial crisis. Understand your asset allocation with a few short tricks.

Somebody's financial advisor will surely be egging my house

Using an existing (bad) real life investment portfolio as a case study, you will see how to identify and eliminate bad investment funds from your portfolio. Bad funds are funds that charge high fees and deliver low performance. Put more money back in your pocket with these quick tips.

The cat's out of the bag

Learn five important dirty secrets of the financial industry that your financial advisor or soon-to-be advisor does not want you to know. You will be prepared for your meeting with a financial advisor with this information. They don't want you to know this because this is how they make money off you without you knowing.