The typical investor chooses investment funds for both their retirement and non-retirement accounts with little thought about what fees they should and should not be paying, the specific risks associated with each investment fund strategy, or how their money is split between various investment funds that are offered to them.  These same investors struggle to understand the information that is on their investment statements and they are uncertain about how to manage the investment funds in their investment accounts.

Kathryn Cicoletti, author of Little Red Ms. Cheat Sheet on Investing has 12 years of experience working in the investment fund management industry.  Based on extensive research and one-on-one interviews, Kathryn has learned that most investors have not been guided through the post-investment experience.

Kathryn guides readers through cleaning up their portfolios consisting of investment funds with step-by-step checklists, dirty secrets of the finance industry that their financial advisor doesn’t want them to know, and sample investment portfolios to use as a guide when creating their own portfolio of low cost investment funds.

This book creates an opportunity for all readers to finally understand those pesky investment statements that they throw in their junk drawer each month, the strategies behind various investment funds, and how to make any necessary changes that will lead to a more secure financial future.



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