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 Based on the emails I receive from you, I'm 100% convinced you are all sitting on (invested in) a handful of bad investment funds that are gouging you in fees and have bad performance. That's why I created this video investment course. 300dpi_buried_newspapers-01

A quick background on me: I was a hedge fund research analyst for five years and researched thousands of hedge funds in the United States and Europe. In short, I ran all over manhattan and Europe and conducted due diligence and then gave investment recommendations on whether or not we should invest in a given fund. I worked in the hedge fund industry for 12 years and it was the best experience I could ask for when it comes to analytical experience + sales. 

It is insane me to me that nobody teaches us how to determine how much we should invest in stock/bond funds or how to research and analyze funds. So, I am going to teach you. 


No confusing finance lingo.


No men in suits talking in circles.


STEP 1. There are 16 lessons in the entire course. Pay a flat $199. Access your 2.5 hour (in total) video lessons with me onsite (click "sign in" at the top of the site). You can access the 16 lessons on site but the videos (and downloadable notes) will also come to your inbox in a "paced" format.

STEP 2. This video course is for you if you are unsure about what investment funds you own, why you own them, or if they're good/bad funds. Advisors charge you thousands of dollars annually and don't provide you with all this information. Also, a lot are incentivized to sell you "certain" investment funds that stuff their pockets with money (and not yours). And no, I'm not paid to mention *any* of the funds we talk about.

STEP 3. Use the sample portfolios to help you determine how much money to invest in a fund and create your own investment portfolio. The sample portfolios also make it very clear if your existing portfolio is garbage. It probably is. I know this based on all the emails you send me showing me what funds you own (that's why I created this course).

STEP 4. Use the checklists that come with the course to make sure your portfolio stays on track during various market conditions. Stocks have hit highs, this means it is probably time for you to revisit how much money you have in stock funds so you don't have too much exposure when if the you-know-what hits the fan. Use the checklists to guide you through this.  

Easier to understand than magnets.  

Stop drowning yourself in 500-page confusing finance books that you never finish because they're zzzzzzzzzzz. 


No risk. 

Full refund, no questions asked. 

If you're not happy with what you paid for, just send in an email to within 10 days of your purchase and you'll be refunded 100% of your money. 

Remember: This is for you if you are unsure about what investment funds you own, why you own them, or if they're good/bad funds. This is not about stock picking. This is about creating an investment portfolio of funds you understand and trust so you can get back to your life. 


Before I took her course I, I thought I knew about investing. Boy, was I wrong. Kathryn's course is a game changer.  She gets into the details and demystifies investing in a way that the talking heads on CNBC don't and can't. For the first time I feel like I have some control over what is going on in my 401(k). And she does it all in an easy to follow fashion that is as entertaining as it is informative. No Harvard MBA required!  I most highly recommend this course for anyone (with or without investing experience) looking to get the straight dope on investing and saving for retirement." - Alan G, Pasadena, CA. 

I loved this class. Kathryn breaks the material down into short and entertaining sections that are incredibly easy to absorb. I have been paying high fees to an advisor that has created a complex and confusing portfolio and I now have the understanding and confidence needed to make changes towards a simpler structure which I believe will yield at least the same results but with far lower costs to maintain. I recommend this course to anyone who has an advisor but has felt unsure about how to address certain topics or flag certain things that don’t look right." - Karen S, Denver, Colorado. 


Still confused about what you get? (Probably). Key benefits:

  1. The #1 benefit of the course according to existing students is access to the six sample portfolios (with dollar amounts assigned) and a list of sample investment funds to aid you in your portfolio construction. 
  2. The videos (totaling about 2.5 hours) are available onsite (sign in at top of site) *and* delivered to your inbox in a "paced email course" format starting the day you join. I walk you through things on my screen, which you can see, so it's as if we're sitting together. 
  3. You will also be able to apply what you learned to your existing portfolio if you already have a portfolio of funds. If you are lost about how to determine how much money to invest in a fund, this course will show you how to determine this. 
  4. Access to your downloadable companion book. These are the things that most advisors don't talk about or tell you about.
  5. Remember: this is for you if you are unsure about what investment funds you own, why you own them, or if they're good or bad funds. Advisors charge you thousands of dollars annually and don't provide you with all this information. If they did, they would make gobs less money because you'd know that a lot of the funds they recommend are garbage. 
  6. My book, the Little Red Ms. Cheat Sheet on Investing, comes with this course. Do not purchase this course and the book, the book comes with the course. 
  7. Email me with any questions about any content in the course. My email is in the first email you receive after joining. Yes you can pay with PayPal. See you in class - Kathryn