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Lesson 1Asset Class Behavior: Understanding stock fund risk and how to calculate your potential loss and risk in a stock market downturn
Lesson 2Asset Class Behavior: Understanding bond fund risk and how to calculate your potential loss and risk in a stock and bond market downturn
Lesson 3Asset Class Behavior: REITS and commodities asset class behavior and simple rules of thumb for where they fit in a portfolio
Lesson 4Portfolio Construction: Key concept when constructing a portfolio of funds. Avoid the most common mistake
Lesson 5Portfolio Construction: Review of a properly constructed live portfolio. Use these concepts to build your portfolio
Lesson 6Portfolio Construction: Steps to help you determine your asset allocation in less than 1 minute
Lesson 7Risk Management: When to buy/sell funds so you can stay on track for the long-term with your asset allocation
Lesson 8Risk Management: Three point quarterly risk management checklist. This will take you 10 minutes each quarter
Lesson 9Risk Management: How to protect yourself from currency risk. Fund example
Lesson 10Picking Investment Funds: Essential checklist (this will automatically help you weed out potentially bad funds)
Lesson 11Picking Investment Funds: How to weed out potentially bad funds from a list of funds you have to choose from
Lesson 12Sample Portfolios: Which funds go in a retirement account vs. regular investing account to save money
Lesson 13Sample Portfolios: "Review" of six Ms. Cheat Sheet sample portfolios of low cost funds
Lesson 14Companion Book: Little Red Ms. Cheat Sheet on Investing - Download this and read it. So Bossy, I know
Lesson 15Sample Portfolios
Lesson 16Sample Investment Fund List: No I'm not paid to mention any of the funds in this course. What sort of operation do you think we're running?!
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