Hi I'm Kathryn Cicoletti the Founder of Ms. Cheat Sheet.

Ms. Cheat Sheet is a platform for business and financial content. It's intended to be fun and easy to read. I work in the investment management industry so a lot of the content is investment related.  I love reading about consumer start-ups and consumer brands, fin-tech, and retail, so you'll get a lot information on those areas too.

I have over 10 years of experience in the hedge fund industry. When I lived in New York I was a Senior Hedge Fund Research Analyst at Julius Baer. I was responsible for research, due diligence, and portfolio construction for long/short equity and relative value arbitrage hedge fund investments. I have researched, interviewed, and conducted due diligence on over 3,000 investment funds and built investment portfolios for both institutional and retail investors. Fun! (No really, I do like studying investment funds, their numbers, and what the numbers mean).

After that I switched sides of the table and was Director of Institutional Sales at GAM in Los Angeles. Meaning, I went from analyzing investment funds to raising money for investment funds.

During my 7+ years at GAM our team was responsible for growing the firm's U.S. investor base from retail to institutional investors. By the time I left I was one of the top revenue generators on the team.

I am currently SVP Head of Marketing and Business Development at a quantitative equity asset manager in Los Angeles.


Too many investment professionals overcomplicate business and financial topics when speaking with clients.

This is my favorite Steve Jobs quote:

Through Ms. Cheat Sheet I offer easy-to-digest financial and 401k investment fund education to employees at large corporations through on-site training and video courses. I also work with media companies and fin-tech brands on content creation and brand partnerships. 

My book, Little Red Ms. Cheat Sheet on Investing is on Amazon. The book is for "mom and pop" investors; individual investors who have little investment fund selection experience or knowledge. This is not for institutional investors nor high net worth investors with a lot of investing experience or experience with selecting investment funds.

One of my most fun things to share is I studied improv and sketch comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade.  I used what learned to write and produce entertaining content for external brands and partners through Cicoletti Media. I highly recommend UCB to anyone who is creating content. I still use things I learned at UCB in my current role like clients respond faster to funny emails. 

I have a BS from UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business and live in Los Angeles.

Thanks for reading my background. 



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