Hello I'm Kathryn Cicoletti. I'm the CEO and founder of Ms. Cheat Sheet and Cicoletti Media & Production. After 10+ years in the hedge fund industry in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, I quit my job and left Wall Street. Here's the full story on Forbes. They reference "Makinsense Babe" because that was the original name of the company. I killed the babe.

While working in the finance industry I realized way too many Wall Streeters overcomplicate business and finance topics when talking to main street. I left because I wanted to create a more honest and entertaining way to educate people on money topics. In order to do this, I had to reinvent myself. A few times actually. 

Before Ms. Cheat Sheet (previously Makinsense Babe, don't worry if you're confused, I am too) I spent seven years as a Sales and Marketing Director at GAM, a then $40 billion asset management company in Los Angeles where I was one of the top revenue generators on our team. My clients were consultants and U.S. institutional investors. Our team grew the U.S. institutional investor base to approximately $1.5 billion from approximately $200 million in client assets. 

I started my career in asset management as a hedge fund research analyst in New York where I quickly became a senior research analyst. I covered long/short equity and relative value arbitrage hedge funds in the U.S. and Europe and did due diligence on over 1,000 hedge funds. When it comes to understanding investment strategy, investment fund selection, and giving investment recommendations, my years as an analyst were and still are the backbone of my career. This is supposed to be an entertainment-based site so I keep the content lite. But I still love analyzing numbers and making sense of a pile of mayhem on a spreadsheet. 

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a BS from the Haas School of Business and thought Organizational Behavior class was boring. I now realize that in the business world, managing people (and egos) can get you farther than your IQ.

I love technology, comedy, and comedians. My favorite app is Morning Reader and my favorite comedians are Pete Holmes and Jenny Slate. Upright Citizens Brigade is the best place to learn how to write and Largo is the best comedy venue in Los Angeles. I have done stand-up once and will probably never do it again. Let's take this to the next level. 

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